Red Hat 3.0.3 hangs on InfoMagic Apr 96

Red Hat 3.0.3 hangs on InfoMagic Apr 96

Post by Mika Sor » Sun, 26 May 1996 04:00:00

I've seen several postings about the Infomagic Linux Developer Resource
April 1996 (6 DC set): here's one more:
Some infomagic's CD's (that I bought) were not OK, I tried to copy
the whole cd to null but errors did happen on disks 1 - 5 (I did not
test the 6th). I did this with 2 computers (and drives) that do
read other commercial cd's without any errors.

The Picasso (RH 3.0.3) installation hangs when using the redhat.exe
(diskless installation from DOS) or single disk (boot) installation
on my 486 PC, using Panasonic 562 B (= non-ATAPI) attached on
Gravis UltraSound MAX soundcard (boot param sbpcd=0x340). The last
message in my case, too, (after detecting all HW correctly) is

        VFS: Mounted root (iso9660 filesystem) readonly.    

I have done a RH 2.1 installation from another cd with this very same HW,
and I've done a CD installation also with Slackware with success. So
there should be something wrong with the programs?

Is it possible to patch the boot/setup files to make sbpcd work
without diskettes? Is the InfoMagic release too broken for that?

(followups redirected to me)


1. Bad InfoMagic (apr. 96) disks 4 and 5?

Hi all,

  I recently got the April 96 InfoMagic Linux Developer's Pack
(the six CD set), and found that I'm having trouble with disks
4 and 5.  I can read and copy files from the root directories of
the disks just fine, but I can't read or copy any files from
any directories lower than that.  I just keep getting I/O errors
on those disks.  All other CD-ROMS work just fine for me --
I've never had a problem with my drive before, and all the other
disks read without a flaw.  Has anyone else had problems
reading disks 4 and 5?  I can *see* the files are on the disks,
and they have sizes and dates that make sense when I do an 'ls -l',
but I can't read or copy them.


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