CS4236 in Linux (kernel 2.0.37)

CS4236 in Linux (kernel 2.0.37)

Post by Mazrim Tai » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Kernel 2.0.37 is supposed to have support for the CS4232 (linux has
supported Crystal for quite some time) and I can get the card's digital
output (WAV and AU files) working but I can't get FM Synthesis working. On
Crystal cards, FM Synth is supposed to be hardwired at 0x388 or something,
which would explain why the cs4232.c file (or whatever) has 0x388
hardcoded....... but even with that, FM synth won't init. anyone know why?

it's strange..... same behaviour no matter whether i softboot after a Win9x
session or cold boot --- BUT the soundcard's wav playing capability is
always there.

BTW, this is with a CS4236B, which is supposedly fully compatible with the
4232 -- it's PnP -- and the kernel i'm using is 2.0.37, under RHL 51

If anyone has gotten FM Synth (OPL-3) working with a CS4232 under Linux, plz
let me know.


1. kernels 2.0.37/38 compile, load, but won't start


     I downloaded the full source for 2.0.37 and 2.0.38, installed,
configured, compiled and loaded to a floppy (and hd via lilo).  They
both do the following:


Uncompressing Linux..Done.
 Now Booting the Kernel

  At which point the screen clears and the whole boot process starts
again (and again and again).  I've tried the floppy on two different
pentiums (the one I'm using now running 2.0.32 and my windoze pentium
machine.  Both respond the same way.   I compiled the kernels on my
redhat 4.2 system, with:

gcc version 2.7.2
ldd: version 1.7.14
ld version 2.7 (with BFD
GNU Make version 3.74

Each machine is a pentium with ide drives, one has 64mb the has 32mb.

I configured lilo with the new kernel and I wrote a floppy with:( dd
if=new-kernel of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 )  which I tried on each system.

I also re-compiled  and configured my 2.0.32 kernel using the same tools
and system as with the 2.0.38 kernel.  The 0.32 kernel did function
properly on both machines.

The reason for all this was because the 3com 16 bit ethernet card failed
yesterday evening so I bought another one at stapes today.  that card is
a ne2000/pci  and is only supported in kernels above 2.0.34 which is why
I grabbed the 2.0.38 and then toe 2.0.37 kernels.

I also tried configuring the kernels with minimum stuff ( no network,
etc. etc) and it fails the same way with the rebooting.

Since I started this post, I've downloaded, compiled and loaded 2.0.36
and it works as expected.

Anyone have any ideas????

C W Wright

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