won't boot dos partition

won't boot dos partition

Post by Matt Bant » Mon, 12 Aug 1996 04:00:00


I installed linux from a 6-cd set from infomagic. It is red hat 3.0.3 and
installs kernel 1.2.13. I am installing it on a pentium-75 that is less
than a month old. I have a 340meg and a 1.6gig ide hd. I put linux on the
340 (dev/hda) and kept dos on the 1.6 (dev/hdb). Linux boots off of the
340 just duckly. But for some reason it won't boot the dos disk. If I
take the 340 out and switch the 1.6 to the master ide than it boots just
fine. My bios accepts large ide hard drives so there isn't any software
on the 1.6 that would cause linux to act screwy.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time...

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1. DOS Partition Won't Boot From LILO

Aloha All..

I just recently installed Linux on the platform as described below:

-486dx 33 ISA-Bus
-8meg Ram
-Adpatec 1540 SCSI Controller
-420meg SCSI HD, 100meg DOS6, 304meg Linux Native, and a 16meg Linux Swap

I set LILO to boot Linux as default, which works fine. Unfortunately when I
direct LILO to boot MS-DOS 6, I recieve the following:

  Loading Dos

  Non-System disk error
  Replace and press any key when ready

It is as if the DOS partition does not contian DOS system files.  If I boot the
system from a bootable DOS floppy all is ok. I have moved the LILO boot
block around, formated the MS-DOS drive with the /s param and even r&r'd
the MS-DOS patition via DOS fdisk. All to no avail..

I'm willing to low-level format the entire drive if necessary. Any and all
help is appreciated.

Patrick Chicas

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