Setting string buffer to be < 512 bytes

Setting string buffer to be < 512 bytes

Post by Andy Robertso » Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I am trying to set up a proxy with a very small string buffer.  With
apache 1.3, you can
set it down to 512 bytes, but I need it to be even smaller.  

The proxy will be used as a user interface to several servers, which run
database editing
cgi's which may take several minutes, with little or no output while
they are running.  We
need to keep the web browser connection alive during this, and to do so
we send the browser
a series of hidden characters.

At this time, we do not use a proxy.  But, when we start doing so the
proxy will save the
characters intended to keep the browser connection open in a buffer,
untill there are
enough to be worth sending.  This buffering will cause many of our
interfaces to break.
There is an option in apache 1.3 to set the buffer as small as 512
bytes, but in
order to get it smaller I have to set this value to 0, where will use
the system buffer

What I need to know, is how do I set this buffer to be very small?
Also, how do
I find the size of this buffer?  I have found that the sysctl functions
may be used
to control variables such as this, but what are the variables?  Are
changes saved beyond re-boots?

I have searched dejanews for this and like options, but have not found

Thanks!  I appreciate any replies to this newsgroup or my email.


1. Setting ProxyBuffer < 512 bytes


I am working with apache (any version, will probably use 1.3) on a Linux
2.0.x libc5 setup.

I am trying to set up an apache proxy, but I need a 3 or 4 byte buffer.
The proxy will be used
as an interface to several servers.  These servers are a user interface,
which run processes which
take an extended ammount of time.  To keep the web connection open, we
send occasional characters
to the web broswer.  But, with a large buffer in a proxy, these get
collected until the buffer is
full, by which time the browser may have closed the connection.  I am
unable to find any method in
apache to make the buffer size very small, or to have it flushed
extremely frequently.

I have looked at the ProxyReceiveBufferSize operation in Apache 1.3, but
the minimum setting is 512 bytes.
I need this to be smaller.

Does anyone know of a way?  I am looking into using option '0' in
ProxyReceiveBufferSize, where you set the
system buffer instead of the apache buffer, but I am not making any

I would greatly appreciate any replies to this newsgroup or my email.

     Andy Robertson

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