RedHat 4.1 Upgrade problem

RedHat 4.1 Upgrade problem

Post by Pier Deganell » Mon, 03 Mar 1997 04:00:00

OK OK, I know this must be an easy problem, but I can't figure out if I
need to recompile the kernel or what.

I am trying to upgrade a RH4.0 machine to 4.1. I installed the latest
kernel (2.0.27) via RPM, along with all of the "base" RPMS in 4.1. Now,
the system boots up fine, but refuses to load the SCSI CD-ROM drivers
because it detects that the old (2.0.18) modules or maps (???) are
trying to be loaded in a new (2.0.27) kernel.

The message the machine gives me to tell me about the SCSI problem does
not get recorded to the log file, so I only see it when the system is
coming up.

Am I right in believing that I can upgrade the machine via RPM alone, or
do I need to recompile the kernel manually?

Any help would greatly be appreciated! As you can tell, I am new to

                                                Pier Deganello


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boot.img and supp.img, but after I boot, select upgrade, and the supp disk
is loaded, I get the select-partition-with-Red-Hat-tree dialog box.  I cannot
select any partition except for /dev/hda1.  space bar just doesn't work.

The correct partition is /dev/sda7; SCSI loads just fine and the partition is
listed just fine;  I just can't select it, or any other partition.

Note that the cdrom Red Hat install for 4.0 worked just fine for me.

I asked for help on the Red Hat list, with no result.  Can anyone assist?



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