Help Setting Up Novell/Anthem Network Cards

Help Setting Up Novell/Anthem Network Cards

Post by Brandon Phillip » Thu, 24 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to install Linux (Caldera OpenLinux Lite 1.2) on a couple of old
486s that have survived their M$ bloatware days, and are due to retire to a
peaceful Linux world.  Anyway, they functioned well on my small LAN using a
old Novell/Anthem (8bit ISA cards w/ BNC connectors) network cards.  These
worked fine in win95, but I cannot seem to get the ne.c module to initialize
and consequently talk to my local LAN.  I tried with each card, different
slots different machines, with the various settings.

I noticed that during the setup of the module I could put in free form
parameters, but I don't know the syntax for that field.  Anyway I know I can
buy a pair of new cards for less than 30 bucks, and I probably will if all
else fails, I just kinda wanted to have the satisfaction of using the good
old stuff in these classic machines.



Help Setting Up Novell/Anthem Network Cards

Post by Brandon Phillip » Fri, 25 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I figured it out.  Silly Newbie mistake.  I didn't format the IO address
properly.  For any other newbies out there the IO address needed to be in
the format "0x380" rather than 380 or 380h.  I should have known that.  Oh
well.  On a side note once that was solved the public NFS installation of
Caldera OpenLinux Lite worked like a champ.


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