Annoying Netscape Problem in Red Hat 6.2/Gnome Environment

Annoying Netscape Problem in Red Hat 6.2/Gnome Environment

Post by Mike Giffor » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


Has anyone figured out how to get the address book working in Netscape
4.73, with Red Hat 6.2.  It was working for me fine under Caldera, but
I've found the lack of this feature extremely annoying.  Unfortunately I
haven't found a fix or an easy way to migrate to another email program.
Would like to use either Mozilla M16 or Netscape 6, but both of them run
noticably slower than my current version of Netscape.  Even if they
don't have Netscape 4.73's leaky memory problem..

I'm also having trouble with the windows that appear on the top actually
being the active windows.  For some reason the active window isn't the
one on the top of the screen or the one that just poped up.  To enter in
this message for example, I needed to go to the navigation bar and
select the message that is on top, before it will allow me to type into
it.  If I just start typing in it starts adjusting the window with my
inbox (or which ever one happens to be open behind the new message).  

I'm running RedHat 6.2, Helix Gnome and Sawfish.


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