Can't boot RH 5.0

Can't boot RH 5.0

Post by Sune Carlzo » Mon, 24 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have mailed to this NG before but give it a new try.

I have a PII 300 MHz system with Adaptec 2940-Ultra Wide SCSI (w BIOS).
To that there is a JAZ 1 GB as /dev/sda and one IBM-DCAS-34330W 4.3 GB
SCSI-2 HD as /dev/sdb.

I boot through System Commander.

The partioning is as follows according to SC:
Win 95 FAT32 2.8 GB (sdb1)

        Starting                    Ending                        Sector

Head  Sector  Cyl        Head  Sector  Cyl        First        Total
1        1            0            254    63        0
63            5927922

(number of sectors in 512 B)

Linux 102 MB root  Unix-83
        Starting                    Ending                        Sector

Head  Sector  Cyl        Head  Sector  Cyl        First        Total
0        1            369        254    63        381    592985

Besides the /  I have /usr and swap on sdb5 and sdb6 (i.e. extended
On sdb4 I will install Solaris which I had installed before Linux.

If I boot Linux through System Commander I'll get 101010101010.....
If I boot with the floppy and vmlinuz root=/dev/sdb2 option I get
"Unable to mount
fs on 08:12"

So there's plenty I don't understand. I guess SC can't read the
lilo.conf from /sdb2
and therefore have nothing to work with. Why I can't mount the file
system on /dev/sdb2 when booting with floppy I have no idea.

Is there anyone who knows where the problem lies and most of all what to
do about ?
Is the problem that the Win95 partition is too big ? I use today around
2.2 GB of it but I
guess I can reduce that with 500-600 MB (games) without any problems.
Is it the HW ? The Adaptec ? The IBM HD ?
Is it that the installation didn't work even though it said it was
succesful. I didn't install

Is there stuff I should look for in the boot setup and maybe change ?

                    Best Rgards,