RH51, WindowMaker 0.19.2 i386 RPM, and Seg Faults

RH51, WindowMaker 0.19.2 i386 RPM, and Seg Faults

Post by Gerald Gutierr » Thu, 10 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi all.

I just installed WindowMaker-devel-0.19.2-1.libc5.i386.rpm on RH51 and am
having problems with it. wmaker simply segmentation-faults on execution.
If I build WindowMaker from the sources, however, everything works fine.

Could this be because the RPM is libc5 but RH51 is glibc based ? Is it
some other problem ? Are others having similar problems ?

I'd really like to have WM installed via RPMs, but it's a problem when
the RPM doesn't work. Does anyone have any ideas ?



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        I've upgraded my linux box to Slackware 1.0.4, and noticed a
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        Any Help is welcomed,

                Pedro Vasconcelos.


Centro de Informatica / Universidade do Porto
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 This sylogism breaks at least one rule.
 Therefore, this sylogism is invalid."     (D.R.Hofstadter)

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