Selling Slackware 2.2

Selling Slackware 2.2

Post by William Rouc » Mon, 25 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I've purchased Slackware 2.3, and no longer need my older 2-CD
set containing Slackware 2.2.  It's the Walnut Creek
distribution, and it would be great for any beginners would
like to experiment with Linux.  $8 shipped will take it.



1. What's the matter with Slackware 2.2

Is this release of Linux (Sam Publishing's "Linux Unleashed" book) meant to be really bad?

I know it couldn't recognise my CD-ROM, but I copied the disk to my DOS drive and used the "install
form a DOS partition" option and all seems OK.

If anyone has any comments about this release, or any hurdles/disasters I will face in configuring
the kernel and x/window - please let me know

Thanksis advance

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