Modem send strange chars after connect

Modem send strange chars after connect

Post by Sanjay Malhotr » Sat, 18 Oct 1997 04:00:00


I am running Redhat 4.2 - kernel 2.0.30 and am have difficultly connect to
my ISP. My modem is ATI ETC-I 19200 it is on COM2.

When using minicom the modem connects and once I recieve the "CONNECT
14400" it starts sending strange chars to the screen and then eventually

I have also tried to connect with pppd and when I look at the logs it fails
after the kernel IPX and Apple talk happens again sending strange chars
then* up.

Thanks in Advance
Sanjay Malhotra


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It takes about 30 seconds to see the OK response.  On longer strings, I
send/receive about 15 chars, pause about 30 seconds, send about 15 more
chars, ....  Any ideas on what's going on?


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