Linux on a 2nd Hardrive?

Linux on a 2nd Hardrive?

Post by Mark Heat » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I am preparing to load Linux (RedHat 4.2) for the first time.  In all of
my research on the web, I have only found detailed installation
instructions for paritioning single drives to accomodate Linux.  I have
the luxury of two large hardrives.  I would like to keep the primary
booting to Win95b and somehow mount Linux on the slave.  It should be
happy with 1.2G of elbo room.  Does anyone know of a step-by-step
installation guide web site or personal advice on how to create such a
duelly-duel boot system?  I am trying to play it safe and stay
completely away from Win95's turf.



1. Linux on 2nd hardrive?

        Yep, and there can't be. IDE controller can't support more
than two devices. And cdrom counts.
        Yes, you can. Just don't forget about setting one of
your disks to be master and other to be slave. Which one - doesn't
matter. BTW, their positions on the cable don't matter too.

Well, but now you have 3 damned things. And they CAN'T live on one
cable. If your motherboard have the second IDE controller on it -
nice, just plug another cable into it and put your disk there.
Elsewhere you'll have to buy IDE controller card. They are cheap
(were, at least). But there are some things you have to remember
when you'll choose it. First of all, controllers use IRQ line
to inform CPU that they finished with the command. They can use
IRQ#14 and IRQ#15. And they can't share it. Default IRQ is 14.
I can bet that your controller uses it. Now the tricky part:
you'll have to be able either to switch the IRQ of on-board controller
or to set the card to use IRQ 15. Settings for on-board one are
controlled by BIOS, for the card - by jumpers on it. If your BIOS
can set IDE IRQ - nice. But if it can't you'ld better check that
the card can be set to IRQ 15.
        I think you can ask Dell about the details of their BIOS
(read your motherboard's manual before) or look at their site -
I think it should be

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