microphone won't turn off

microphone won't turn off

Post by greg ushomirski » Wed, 16 Apr 1997 04:00:00


I installed Redhat 4.0 (upgraded kernel to 2.0.27) on my laptop a
while ago, but recently noticed the following problem. The built-in
microphone seems to be constantly on, i.e. I can hear an echo of
myself through the speakers and if I tap the microphone I get this
clicking sound in my speakers.  How do I turn it off (on a permanent
basis, hopefully)?  

my sound card is ess audiodrive, configured as sb-16 compatible.



1. 2.90 beta snd driver can't turn off the microphone

The sound driver 2.90 beta comes with kernel 1.1.37 has a bug in
SG mixer.

I compiled kernel with Sound Galaxy mixer support. The only problem
is that I can't turn off the microphone input. v2.5 snd driver mixer
works OK.


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