Hardware and driver question for Redhat Linux4.2

Hardware and driver question for Redhat Linux4.2

Post by Robert Laurenc » Sat, 05 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have installed this Linux before, but then I didn't have the present
hardware and now I'm running windows98 as it does support it.

    My hardware is homebuilt system with AMD486 DX4 100 CPU.
S3 Virge PCI graphics card, Planet Ethernet PCI card (ENW-8300-2T), Iomega
Ditto Tape drive on floppy connector, Syquest SparQ 1gig removable drive,
and a Lexmark colorjet printer 7000.
I know the latter do not support Linux operating system so do not have a
driver for it.
Also I would like to install this Redhat Linux 4.2 to function as a server
rather than workstation or client.
The aim is that my wife can access my drives (main drive is 4gig),
sec. slave drive is only 486 MBytes.  The main accessable drive should be
the SparQ drive, so I would need a kind of set-up that allows me to put
either DOS formatted sparq cartridges in the drive or linux formatted and
read/write to either of them.
I would be very pleased if someone has written a driver for the Lexmark
printer I've got.  Not to forget, I have got a Dynalink 33.6
voice/fax/modem, any driver suggestion?

The really big problem is my software,  I run my office applications and I
will have to find something just as good, besides I have already paid for my
software and am not too keen in having to spend 100s of s again.



Currently I have RedHat Linux 3.03 on Toshiba's (TECRA 700 DT, TERCA 720
CDT) laptops, which runs smoothly.

I got into problem when I tried to install RedHat Linux 4.1 on TECRA 700
DT. As soon as I run X-Windows the screen hums with a high pitch noise,
the problem continues even if I come out of X-Windows.

Here are couple of scenarios I tried...


                        chipset:        chipset:
                        ct65545         ct65550
                        (WORKS ?)       (WORKS ?)
3.03    3.03            YES             SKINNY SCREEN
3.03    4.0             HUMS            YES
3.03    4.1             HUMS            YES
4.1     4.1             HUMS            YES

XF86Config file for 700DT looks like:
BAndwidth 25.2
HoriSunc  25-64
VertRefresh 40-70
ModeLine  28.3 800 824 896 1024 600 601 603 625

Intrestingly, problem reverses if I change above ModeLine to..
ModeLine  36   800 824 896 1024 600 601 603 625

Now, when I first come up with Linux & then load X-Windows, there seems
to be no problem but when I quit X-Windows I could here same humming

Response is very much appreciated.


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