Recommend partition sizes, anyone?

Recommend partition sizes, anyone?

Post by mjh6.. » Tue, 22 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hello, guys, I'm planning on installing Linux on my computer pretty soon, and
I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice...

Currently, my system is a 486SX-33 with 8 megs of ram, and a pretty chezzy
video card (I don't plan to run X yet.)  I have two IDE hard drives, a 210
meg master and a 130 meg slave (both formatted with single DOS partitions)
and a 540 meg SCSI hard drive (currently unformatted) and what i'd like to
know is, what is the best way to partition things?  I don't mind moving
around my dos partitions; there's not much on there now, and in fact I've
been thinking of doing it just to get everything on one partition (i've got
about 200 megs of dos crap... a lot of it will fly out the door when I go to
Linux anyway...)  I've heard conflicting opinions... some people tell me I
should just make one big Linux partition, and leave it as that, but some
people say I should make a relatively small partition to mount as root, and
then mount several hundred megs onto /usr and /var...  My system won't have
more than 5 or 10 users, or so, and probably no more than two will ever be
logged in at once (i've got a dumb terminal on com2.)  Keeping in mind, of
course, that the SCSI is by far the fastest drive, and I'd like to optimize
things as much as possible under Linux.  I don't care how fast DOS is, as
it's not going to last forever, anyway. ;)

Oh, I'll be installing from a friend's CD, Slackware 2.3, the kernel is
1.2.8.  TIA, and please mail replies.  I'll post a digest if anything
earth-shattering comes in. ;)


Recommend partition sizes, anyone?

Post by John S. Atchiso » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

   To tell you the truth, I don't think you will gain anything by making
things more complicated.  If you would like to use the scsi exclusively
as your linux drive(which is what I would do), just create a 10 meg swap
partition and use the rest for linux.  The number of users doesn't matter
since all of the user accounts will be on the same partition/disk
anyways.  I have always run with just one linux native partition and so
has my mentor at college.  You should be able to run X.  I run it on my
486sx25 with 8Mb ram and a cirrus logic card.  I did upgrade to 1Mb video
ram.  I run a 200Mb linux native partition, but I don't have other users.
I have everything installed that you could probably want including TeX
and motif.



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