RedHat 4.2 RPM problem

RedHat 4.2 RPM problem

Post by Stephen Hea » Fri, 20 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Having a small problem....

I'm trying to install a package on my RH4.2 system using rpm.

I'm getting the following errors on rpm -i packagename.rpm

cannot open file //var/lib/rpm/groupindex.rpm:
error: cannot open //var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm

Using the --dbpath option yields the same result.

rpm -vv -i packagename.rpm gives.

D: counting packages to install
D: found 1 packages
D: looking for packages to download
D: retrieved 0 packages
D: finding source and binary packages
D: New Header signature
D: Signature size: 68
D: Signature pad : 4
D: sigsize         : 72
D: Header + Archive: 556359
D: expected size   : 556359
D: found 0 source and 1 binary packages
D: opening database mode: 0102
D: opening database in //var/lib/rpm/
cannot open file //var/lib/rpm/groupindex.rpm:
error: cannot open //var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm

Now the files /var/lib/rpm/groupindex.rpm and packages.rpm exist and I
am root while trying to install this and read/write permissions are
I have looked at the man page for rpm and looked at and
found no mention of this problem.

There is no /etc/rpmrc file or ~/.rpmrc.

rpm --showrc  shows that:

dbpath               : /var/lib/rpm

I know it must have worked properly at one time or I never would have
been able to install RH4.2 on my box.

If anyone has a any ideas I'm happy to hear them.


Steve /..


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