Soundcard problems

Soundcard problems

Post by Dirk Eschmoelle » Wed, 30 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I know it sounds stupid, but I have the problem
that I use a SB16 compatible soundcard, and after
setting the kernel to the parameters I need for
my card, I can only hear the music from my cdr
until I reboot. After the reboot nothing happened.
If I recompile the kernel, nothing to hear.
But if I install the complete linux again and setup
the kernel, my soundcard does it, til I reboot.
I have the kernel 2.0.30 and a ATAPI cdr.

Any ideas???

Thank you in advance,


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Hi guys,

I am trying to install LINUX. This was without too much problems however
I do not know what to choose for my VGA card driver (the VGA card I own
is a chaintech DESPERADO AGP-SI30 with a SiS6326 chipset, adaptor type

Also I still have to install my soundcard. This one is integrated on the
main board and this is the chaintech CT-6SSA2 (ESS Solo-1 audio chip).
So any pointers of how to do this is also nice to have.

Any help most welcome.



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