[Install][Slackware]Cannot get setup to recognise my non-standard Mitsumi CDRom port/irq[Will summarise]

[Install][Slackware]Cannot get setup to recognise my non-standard Mitsumi CDRom port/irq[Will summarise]

Post by Alan MacDona » Sat, 15 Nov 1997 04:00:00

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Right. Now that that's off my chest, here goes.

I have just started the long voyage up the Linux river, and found
myself up Setup Creek without a paddle.

I have, and don't s*, you guys at the back, a 486 dx4/100 + 8MB
Ram + 120MB Hard Disk + (The Culprit) Mitsumi single speed CDRom
hooked up to a Soundblaster Pro card.

A few days ago, having decided that this machine would barf at W95, I
decided to have a bash (groan!) at Linux, 'cos my machine would be
ample for it.

So, I merrily created my boot and root disks, using the MCD.I image
for the boot and COLOR for the root, and away I went. Or rather, I
didn't. Couldn't find my cdrom drive. *.

OK, like a good little newbie, out comes the Faq's and Howto's and
there it is. I have to tell the loader to tell the kernal where my
CDROM is at. So I reboot, and at the prompt I type 'mount mcd=340,3',
which is where my CD is. (Sit down, Wilfred, I didn't type in the
inverted commas!). Away she goes, boots, asks me for the root floppy,
accepts it, complains a bit about the RAMDISK being to small for the
image (because I had to un-gzip the image, it barfed (dunno why) on
the compressed version), and gives me a prompt. Back to the docs to
find out about the next step, fdisking, do it, make a root partition,
make and turn on my swap space, and run setup. All is rosy in the

Until it asks where the SOURCE directory is. I choose Local Cdrom,
then choose the MCD driver, at which point it cannot locate my CDROM
drive. I know EXACTLY why. It is looking for it at 0x300,11 which is
the default for the MCD driver, yet mine is at 0x340,3.

I noticed that the setup program will allow you to specify a source
path, so I thinks to myself, I have already loaded a driver for my
CDrom. Maybe I can mount it, and install from there. So I try to
'mount /dev/mcd' and it tells me that it cannot find an entry in mtab
or fstab for it. *.

What I need to know is, how can I either:

1. Tell setup that my cdrom is at 0x340,3 or,
2. Mount my (already driver'd up) cdrom and install from a path.


Alan MacDonald
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Also, the modem does work under MS-Windows, after adding
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 - Jeff

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