X Display prob

X Display prob

Post by Rob Moor » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi there

I'm running Redhat 5.2 on a clone PC with PCI Cirrus 5446 card and a Iiyama
15" monitor.
The system works at 640x480.

When I switch to any other mode, all I get is a) a blank screen or b)
vertical lines running down the screen.
Anyone have any ideas? Anyone have the same hardware as me?
Should I be using a different driver?

Thanks in advance for any help

Rob Moore


1. Display Prob (is it a font prob or not?)

I posted earlier, found solutions, implemented them and got
improvemnets! see below
I still have problems. ugh
1. Netscape GIMP and others: the menu and menu bars still display
unstable barcode-like hash

2. In terminal: a redisplay is necessary to see the text from: a make
for instance -I either switch desktops or drag the window out of sight
and slowly drag it back then all but the final line displays well. The
final line, the input/typing line is hash mostly verticle. (this makes
chance for typos pretty high, I type  v   e   r   y  carefully, no great
faults yet.

3. In KDE help - reading html sucks no matter what font I choose - it
that font changes from the noraml base font can't be handled - links and
tiltles are verticle unstable fubar. The unstable part is intersting
to mouse select text (to reverse colour and possibly improve readabiltiy
either garbles the text more OR displays it right!!?? sometimes
on the direction of the selection. If I select from one direction on the
word it works -f rom the other it won't. If I select the paragraph
somestimes yes
and sometimes no.

4. Netscape - Similar problems to KDE help's htnl dispaly depeding one
the page.
Slashdot displays completely (and I've used prefs to change font and
size) but
not all the time It also sometimes needs drag slowly or swich desk. Othe
with our without javascrippt on display really badly -esp ftp sites
which are often

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