weird fault messages

weird fault messages

Post by Carl in 't Ve » Thu, 24 Apr 1997 04:00:00


I have installed some networking software and the next time I booted
my system, I got two weird crash messages. After nfsddouble a text
message reads: "lock on device queue".
Following are two seperate register dumps. One while executing
rpc.mountd, one while executing rpc.portmap.

Can someone help me out?


1. U5/333, Sol 7: weird messages in /var/adm/messages

My Ultra 5/333 is running Sol 7 with all patches from sunsolve applied.
The machine is running flawlessly, but I'm curious about the nature
of these messages appearing in /var/adm/messages:

Feb  1 19:25:02 unix: Warning: 28011856 Recieved duplicate M_IOCACK
Feb  2 11:26:57 unix: Warning: 20093768 Recieved duplicate M_IOCACK
Feb  2 18:08:08 unix: WARNING: interrupt level 4 not serviced
Feb  3 03:59:08 unix: WARNING: interrupt level 4 not serviced
Feb  3 14:08:14 unix: WARNING: interrupt level 4 not serviced
Feb  5 06:50:12 unix: WARNING: interrupt level 4 not serviced

As you can see, they are sporadic, and don't seem to be causing any

I have a Symbios SCSI card installed in a PCI slot, but I've yet to
connect any drives to it.  I'm wondering if that could be the source
of "interrupt level 4 not serviced".  Any clues on the M_IOCACK
message?  I imagine it would be the hme ethernet?
Steve Dyer

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