Running Linux off a cd

Running Linux off a cd

Post by Cannon Fodde » Mon, 11 Sep 2000 08:46:06

>I only have a 2gb hard drive and would like to keep windows 95 on that one
>but I have a cd recorder and would like to run linux off of a cd and was
>wondering how and if that is possible.

Sure it's possible.  You just need to know what
you are doing, that's all.  You could use a
floppy-sized linux kernel image and append the
/usr and /opt `partition' info to the kernel
image.  ie:  install NetBSD.

There are utilities in linux such as `mkisofs'
that will merge *.iso images to create a bootable
CD.  However, you'd have to make sure that you had
things the way you wanted them, before committing
the image.  You'd definitely have to install the
OS on the hard drive first to configure it right.

If I were you, I'd make a compromise.  Go to and check out their ZipSlack
package.  No reformmatting of your hard drive
would be required, and it's not over 100 megs et

It works great for me.  

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1. run Linux off a CD

I'm setting up Linux to work as a router / Samba wins server on a 486 with a
tiny hard drive.  I plan on putting Red Hat 5.1 or 6.0 on the 486, and would
like to have access to the X-Windows utilities.  The main function of the
Linux box is routing, but Samba would be nice to have for allowing remote
access over the Internet.  No printers, modems, or other peripherals will be
attached to the Linux box.
I'd like to create a bootable cd with the kernel and other necessary files,
but be able to keep configuration files on the hard drive.  Unfortuanetly,
due to the small size of the hard drive (~170 MB) and the limited bios
capabilities of the 486, I'll be building the kernel and doing the install
on a P3.
All help is welcome.
atikans at hotmail dot com

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