Boot trouble

Boot trouble

Post by Edward Christopher Ker » Sun, 19 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have a 486 that I am in the process of installing debian 1.3 on.  It
is a very wierd computer: microchannel and SCSI.  It will only see the
hard disk if I press shift to get a boot prompt type "ibmmcascsi=7".
How do I get it to recognise the HDD automatically?  I tried adding the
line append="ibmmcascsi=7" to lilo.conf and running lilo, but it still
does not work without me doing it manually from the boot prompt.


Edward Christopher Kern

ICQ# 9984441


1. Boot trouble, no hfs boot ...

Hi !

I think I've done something stupid:

- installed Suse Linux PPC
- deleted all partitions and replaced them by a linux-swap + native with
Suse Linux on

Result: the ? appears on booting, and that's it.

Does anyone knows a solution ? (bootable cd e.g.) And where to download it ?

Many thanks in advance !


P.S. I have no MacOS on CD, my PPC is a G3 IceCube, MacOS was installed on
it, no MacOS CD delivered.

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