ide hd >1024 cyls

ide hd >1024 cyls

Post by carlo mar » Sat, 12 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I've done a bad thing:

Caldera's fdisk program (and the installation script) have reported that my
2100 cylinder hd had only 525 cyls.  Apparently it's supposed to do this.
I wonder if anyone knows the settings to return it to to make it work?
525 cyls? 64 hds?

Now I know that was a good thing.

Well, I went into fdisk's /x mode and re-wrote the cyl and head info (not
remembering the original reading) to match the actual hd.

It won't boot.

I'm afraid I've ruined my hard drive or something.

Perhaps I should just put the bootable partition below the 1024 belt?

Is the / (root) partition the bootable partition?

In typically ambiguous form, the documentaiont at
almost has useful information on installing Caldera to multiple partitions.


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I have a 2.14 Gb HD connected to an adaptec 2940 scsi controller.
My partitions are:

sda3 OS/2 BM
sda2 DOS (boot)
sda5 DOS (data)
sda6 OS/2 (boot, hpfs)
sda7 OS/2 (data, hpfs)
sda8 Linux (ext2fs)
sda9 Linux swap

Problem: I can't install LILO anywhere (not even on a floppy).

I tried follow the instructions on how to move the /boot directory to
a dos partition. Everything worked up to the point when I run lilo.
It says:
Adding Linux
Can't find beginning of sda (or similar), it then stops.

Does the procedure only work for IDE drives?
Did I do something wrong? I followed the instructions in /usr/src/linux/drivers/README.ide

One more. How do I add myself to the kernel mailing list? (I heard there was one)
Please email your reply.


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