installation of 1.3.x

installation of 1.3.x

Post by Joe Bott » Fri, 01 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hello, I have been trying to install a new 1.3.x release with absolutely
no luck. My problem appears to be mounting the cdrom. I have a sony
cdu31a non-probing cdrom. The installation is on a cd so I have to have
the cdrom working to do the install. The instructions say to run the
install from dos or use a bootup and I have tried both with no avail.
When I try the install I have used many differant perameters (ex.
install cdu31a=0x340,0). I know this to be the address because I used it
on my old Linux setup. With my last setup I could mount the cdrom after
installing the system. If any of you wizards out there can figure out
what I need to get the install going I would be very grateful. Here's my
setup- 486dx2-66 with 16 megs ram, and two hard drives. The one that I
will be setting up my linux too, is the /dev/hdb drive with 520 megs. I
have win95 on my /dev/hda drive.
                May the force be with you,


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OK, after installing 1.3.68/69/70/71 and getting such severe problems
with eth0: timeout, eth0: infinate loop in interrupt, and eth0: locking
up I went in and put an NE2000 compatable card in the box and all the
errors disappeared instantly.  Therefore, this is definately a 3c509
driver problem (these cards test fine in a DOS box, with both the 3com
testing program, and also a testing kit throwing 10MB/set looped at it).

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