urgent sendmail problem

urgent sendmail problem

Post by davi » Sun, 31 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> Suppose I got an account Peter, with a capital.

> arrive because sendmail converts everything
> to lower case (and Peter's account has an
> uppercase character). I really need to solve this.
> Any suggestions?

you don't need to make a userdb to remap things.  simply add the "u"
flag to your delivery program, "Mlocal"

Here is mine:

 Mlocal, P=/usr/local/bin/procmail, F=lsSDFMhPfnu9, S=10, R=20/40,

then restart your sendmail daemon(s)


***       ***  Flames will go to /dev/null
** WARNING **  SPAM mail will be returned to you at a
***       ***  minimum rate of 50,000 copies per email


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Hi There,

I am having a serious problem with redhat's sendmail.

We have network of sun workstations +linux 5.0 PCs.  Sendmail on linux
likes to keep mail file permission as 600, solaris likes it 660.  

Whenever, I sendmail to someone on linux from linux, it changes mail
file to 600.  So solaris doesn't have permission to modify the mail files
when it receive mail.  We are losing mail caused by this problem.  I tried
to look at different readme files but no one mentioned the option of
changing permission in some conf file.

I did change DNS to deliver all linux mail to a solaris box, but it
doesn't prevent our users from sending mail from linux to users on the
same system.

I would really appreciate any help,



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