1U server parts recommendation

1U server parts recommendation

Post by Charles Lesli » Fri, 21 Sep 2001 21:51:45

Would like to build a 1U server but don't have enough imformation.  Can
someone point me to a good website or make a few suggestions on motherboard,
CPU, chasis and if possible a LCD display.



1. Recommendation for parts for 1U machine?

The last time I built a "computer", I was using wirewrapping.  And
it hurt.  I'm hoping for a less painful experience today.

I'd like to try building a 1U machine for Linux.  At the moment, I'm
looking for cheap (or as cheap as one can get and stay 1U) but - if
this goes well - I'll be looking for higher end in the future.

So what parts are recommended?  Motherboard, drives, etc.?  Know
that I'm starting from scratch, so I'm looking less for companies
from which to buy (although that's also useful information), and
more *what* to buy.

Where I'm willing to be "cheap" is that this machine need not be
a performance monster, although it should handle a reasonable
amount of memory.  I can also get by with a motherboard with
little or no room for expansion boards and but a single hard
disk (although two would be nice).

Of course, I do need ethernet (either as an expansion or on
the motherboard).  But graphics can be as cheap as possible
given that this will be stuck in a rack.

Thanks...and wish me luck <grin>


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