upgrade to 2.2 required libc5 upgrade?

upgrade to 2.2 required libc5 upgrade?

Post by Andrew Robertso » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00


Quote:> Except....However, the 2.2 Changes file indicates that part of the minimal
> requirements is to have libc5 5.4.46 installed.
> I only have libc5 5.3.12 that came default with rh 5.2 with 2.0.36-7 kernel,
> and the libc5 upgrade is not indicated on the redhat 2.2 upgrade HOWTO.

Redhat 5.2 is based on Glibc2 (libc 6), and the libc5 libraries included
are only there for backwards compatibility for pre-compiled binaries.
This means that you have more than the minimum requirements for



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