Using a Mitsumi 4X CDROM on a SB AWE 32

Using a Mitsumi 4X CDROM on a SB AWE 32

Post by Magnus Larss » Wed, 06 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I have a problem getting my Mitsumi 4X CDROM connected to a Soudblaster AWE32
to work with some Linux 1.2.x kernels. The kernels can't find it.
I tried to re-compile the kernel but it still does not work. (It works in DOS)
I use the Slackware distribution.

Is there a pre-compiled kernel that should work or works for someone else?
If so, which one?



1. Mitsumi Cd-ROM / Sb-Awe 32 Problems !

Hello, i have an Mitsumi CD-ROM FX-001 D installed on my Linux 1.1.76.
I am using Sb-32 awe as controller for CD-ROM with addr 320 and irq 10.

Under dos it works fine but sometimes under linux i cant mount cdrom
at all or it is wery slow when reading files.

Erros messages : mount: /dev/mcd: can't read superblock ...

And with workbone i got also some I/O erros messages.

Sometimes it works just great.

For LILO i got following : mcd=0x320,10

I think it maybe the Sb that is not just the original controller for the
Mitsumi. But under dos it works fine. ?

Any ideas about this ?



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