scsi install problem - help please!

scsi install problem - help please!

Post by Stev » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi all....
Here's my rather odd problem. Wanting a dual boot, I added a second
SCSI HD & installed linux. My mistake was in not stipulating where
LILO should go, so it put it on the new disk, and here's what I have:
Two independent bootups for linux & win 98 - If I set the SCSI bios on
"plug & play" the win98 disk is "found" and the system boots into W98.
When SCSI P&P is off the original disk isn't found during bootup, so
the second HD boots linux.
I really wouldn't mind except I'd like to be able to "see" the w98
partition from linux. So....
How can I get the system to recognize both disks all the time?
Why is the original disk "invisible" unless I turn on SCSI plug &
play? I have a feeling this is either a termination problem, or the
disks aren't in the right order.....does it matter which drive has a
lower number in the SCSI chain?
Obviously I need to reinstall LILO onto the first HD, but I want to
make sure the system can find that HD all the time (in other words,
SCSI plug & play should'nt have to be on) before I move it - I've
tried boot disks for linux with no success.
Or perhaps the problem will cure itself when there's only one boot
sector active?
Thank you kindly for any advice, references to FAQS, etc. Cheers!

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