Sony CDU33A kernel support?

Sony CDU33A kernel support?

Post by Bill Pears » Fri, 26 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have a Sony CDU33A cdrom.  I've tried running kernels 1.1.59 (old31a),
1.2.8 (idecd), and 1.3.8.  Only 1.1.59, because of its probing, will
detect the drive.  I'd like to use a newer kernel, but I'm not sure which
ones probe for my drive (other than 1.1.59.)  Any help would be appreciated.



Sony CDU33A kernel support?

Post by KevinAnderso » Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:00:00

My lilo.conf file (located in the /etc directory) says;

append "cdu31a=0x340"

in the LILO global section.

I ran liloconfig to get it there, but I think you can edit it manually.

Kevin Anderson


1. How to configure sony cdu33a support after kernel recompile

Maybe someone can help me with this because I'm at my wit's end.
Here's the situation:  I can install redhat 4.1 off the cdrom
when I type in cdu31a_port=0x0340,0 at the install prompt when it asks for
parameters.  Everything is fine and I can later mount the cdrom when I'm
running linux.
Here's the problem:  I've upgraded to kernel 2.0.30 (loading off the hard
drive) and I can't get the new kernel to see my cdrom.  I've recompiled
countless times using different options i.e. ide cdrom support/no ide cdrom
support, soft interface/no soft interface (my cd is connected through my sound
card --Mad 16), mad16 interface/no mad16 interface, and combinations of the
above.  I've also tried appending my lilo.conf with
append="cdu31a_port=0x0340,0" but no luck.  On the original install (off the
cdrom), reading dmesg after the boot, there was no message about the soft
interface being detected (mad16) nor was there any append stuff in my lilo.conf
BUT the cdrom was detected with info about its capabilities, etc.

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated!  I'm about to get applixware and need
to be able to install it off my cd.

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