Help! Installing Slackware on IBM ValuePoint...

Help! Installing Slackware on IBM ValuePoint...

Post by Michael Robert Willia » Fri, 31 Mar 1995 04:00:00

Hello all--

  I'm trying to install Slackware 2.0 on an old IBM ValuePoint. I have read
the INSTALL.TXT file that suggests using the 'scsi' boot-disk and holding
down the left shift key to get a boot menu. Well, I didn't get one; I did,    
howvere, get a 'boot:' prompt. I decided to try something pretty naive, and
added 'mount hd=121,10,17' (my hard-drive has 121 cls., 10 heads, 17 sectors/
track) to the boot prompt before pressing return. Linux seemed to start up
more or less okay; the last message before things go haywaire is one about
ftape allocating some buffers. Then I get something along the lines of
'hda busy' or 'hda timed-out'; the boot process continues, and then I get
a message saying something like 'hda?? error code xff {busy}'; there are a
few more variations on that, and then I get a kernal panic (sorry I'm being
a bit vague, but I left my notes at work...).  Can anyone offer any advice?
I take it I have to type something at the boot prompt?

  I'd appreciate e-mail, since I need this information by 9.00 am (EST) Friday,
and my news software has been acting a bit weird lately...

  Thanks in advance.

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1. Installing Slackware on IBM Valuepoint?

I'm trying to Install Slackware V 1.01 on an IBM 433Dx/S ValuePoint
computer, but I'm running into a common problem with IBM...

The Slackware boot disk, while booting, does *not* recognize my
hard drive's geometry.  I know that the kernel has support for
IBM in it, and that LILO passes several paramaters to signal the
special case.  However, the LILO startup on SLACKWARE skips over the
paramsa and tries to load ramdisk without reading in the disk geometry...

This is the same problem I had when Installing SLS 1.03 until I
found an a1.3 disk that worked with IBM hardware.

Is there a similar solution?  Is there any solution???


Please e-mail me a reply!

Many thanks in advance...
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