CGI & Apache

CGI & Apache

Post by Grzegorz Posynia » Fri, 26 Dec 1997 04:00:00

but I have a big problem, because I can't run some CGI scripts under
Linux RedHat and Apache. I don't know if I have right files and
directories permissions. I run Gbook script and it work as well as
me who was guest but no update HTML page. Maybe the HTML page have to
be not in /cgi-bin/ directory??? I always see the error: File not find.

I was wandering if you could help me with the problem.
I will be happy for everythink tips.
Marry Christmas


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Someone please help me with this CGI Apache issue:

--------> The Problem: I type in http://localhost/cgi-bin/test.cgi and get
the following message:

Not Found

The requested URL /cgi-bin/test.cgi was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.12 Server at localhost Port 80

--------------- What I've tried to fix it:
In \conf\httpd.conf
    AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
       <Directory "C:/Apache/cgi-bin">
       AllowOverride None
       Options ExecCGI

--------------- This is a valid cgi script for sure - I have even tried it
on a remote server to make sure it wasn't the perl syntax. Here is the
simple test:


use CGI;

$query = new CGI;

print $query ->header;

print "<html><head><title>A test</title></head>\n";
print "<body>The test was successful.</body></html>";

---------------- Any help you all could provide would be much appreciated.
Thanks guys.

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