Newbie: installing RH5.1 with AHA2940UW

Newbie: installing RH5.1 with AHA2940UW

Post by Jason A. Kraftchec » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I am new to Linux and am having trouble installing RH5.1.  During the
install, my SCSI card (AHA2940UW) is detected fine, but during the
detection of devices on the bus, the kernel (or kernel module, or
whatever) goes into an infinite loop.  What am I doing wrong?

PPro 200
1.2 GB West.Dglt. IDE Harddrive
Adaptec AHA2940UW
  2 GB Seagate SCSI Harddrive
  4 GB Seagate SCSI Harddrive
  Iomega Zip drive (SCSI internal)

Thanks much,

jason kraftcheck


1. Newbie seeking first RH5.2 install advice

I was an unwilling subject to the hype and ease of Linux versus Windows.
I have gotten tired of my Windows crashing and losing hardware. Having a
passable experience with OS/2 Warp 3 I decided that maybe its time to
jump on the Linux wagon. Boy, was I in over my head! I thought the DOS
command line was bad twenty years ago, and then OS/2, but Linux is a
whole other world completely. I'm sure it's all transparent after the
setup is complete, but man...

In these newsgroups I have read horror stories about writing or
modifying hardware drivers, weird command line formats, and placing
things in the path statement (at least the last is simular to OS/2) to
get anything to work. For this reason, I threw together a basic computer
just dedicated to Linux. After reading about WIN hardware problems, I
decided to find as much generic stuff as possible, buying most of it
used. My test system looks like this:

Cyrix 486DX2-80
16m Ram
1.5G HD
1.44 floppy
100m IDE internal ZIP
Panasonic 24X IDE CD Rom
SB16 sound card (not PNP Vibra)
Trident 9400cxi 2m video card
generic 33.6 AT&T modem

I originally wanted to use System Commander to boot Linux or OS/2 but
decided to just get used to Linux first. Am I going to have any problems
with the above combination?


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