Installing palm files on Linux with Ximian Evolution

Installing palm files on Linux with Ximian Evolution

Post by bored by T » Tue, 16 Apr 2002 23:58:42

Weird problem...

I can sync and backup fine after setting up /dev/ttyS0 on my RH 7.2 laptop
running Ximian Evolution (works great actually!). However, I notive there
is a "conduit" for file installs.

With pilot-xfer -i /dev/ttyS0 file.pdb or pilot-xfer -i /dev/pilot
the terminal window asks me to hit Hotsync but then seems unable to
hotsync (palm says it is looking for machin to sync to and times out)

I now have the File conduit in Evolution enabled, but it still seems
unable to install. Do I need to drop the files to install into a directory
under MyPilot I don't know about?

What am I missing here? Any help appreciated.



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I'm trying to get my Pilot to interact with Evolution under Ximian Gnome /

The /dev/ttyS* -devices belong to the dialup-group, and since my user is
a member of that group I should be able to connect to the cardle, but
when I go to the Gnome Control Center -> Pilot Conduits and the run the
automatic configuration my Pilot does not connect to it.

After asking some info, the automatic conf-thing asks me to press the
hotsync on my pilot. I've tried switching ttyS0 and ttyS1 but the Pilot,
but the connection is never successful.

Where could the problem be?

I've read HOWTOs on, but can't find anything useful..
I would really appreciate any help!


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