HELP: XFree86 Problems and CD-ROM Problems!

HELP: XFree86 Problems and CD-ROM Problems!

Post by David Yungha » Fri, 11 Aug 1995 04:00:00

hi everyone! i am a *complete* newbie to linux but i decided to buy a
book with a cd and install. everything installed ok from the cd (my cd
was a sbpcd..) but now i cant get linux to recognize the cd! when it
loads the kernel it has that string "Looking for CD ... CD not found."
or something liek that.

anyway, i tried running setup.cdrom again and it still does nothing!
any help? what is wrong with my setup?

~BEGiN XFrEe86 3.1.1 PRoBLeMS~

now we go to xfree... :) anyway. my problem is i conigured xfreeconfig
to my stuff fine but when i use startx it brings back this error..

cannot find xinit : no such file or directory.

i made sure that dir was in a couple places along with my .xinitrc file
but still nothing! i'm mad ! i want to run X11! please help!




HELP: XFree86 Problems and CD-ROM Problems!

Post by John S. Atchiso » Fri, 11 Aug 1995 04:00:00

   For X windows, a link is generally set up when you install it.  I've
never had that problem.  Are you using startx?  If not, try that.
   As for your cd, did you install the kernel which supports your cd? if
so, is that the only kernel you installed? if not, it might be trying to
boot to a kernel other than the one you thought you wanted.



1. Strange CD-ROM Issue (aka CD-ROM Problem)

Ok...this is a fairly strange problem that I don't even know how to
begin fixing.  I have Linux Mandrake 8.0 installed on my Thinkpad
i1400 laptop.  I initially had problem installing off of a CD that a
friend burned for me, but I attributed this to a bad downloaded iso
image and I downloaded the install straight to my hard drive and
installed from the hard drive.  Now, I think that the cd is really not
corrupted and is related to a problem with my cd-rom operating in
Now, after working out most of the kinks in my system, I have really
started to use it.  My first problem relating to the CD drive has to
do with a CD that I had filled with my favorite mp3 songs.  In
windows, this cd always played fine in Winamp and the songs worked
great.  However, I noticed that, in Linux, the majority of the songs
get cut off anywhere from 30% to 90% of the way through.  XMMS just
stops playing.  KDE Media player also stops in the same spot.  I
thought that the songs must have been corrupted when they were burned
onto the cd, but, like I said, they work fine in windows off of the
cd. To try to see if it was a corruption problem, I did a diff on one
of the songs that I had on the cd with an identical song on my hard
drive.  The diff encountered an I/O error when it tried to do the
compare.  I then tried copying the song to the hard drive from the cd,
but the copy stalled at about the same % as the song would stop
playing in XMMS and I got a copy error.  If I copy the song in windows
to the hard drive, then go back into linux and do a diff, the two
songs are identical. What could be causing this problem???  I'm
absolutely clueless as to how to proceed.  Any help is much

Note: I have heard that this may be related to supermount.  I have
heard a lot of people complain about it.  The only thing that makes me
believe it's not supermount related is that most people who say
supermount sucks also can't get their cd-rom drives to work.  However,
mine is detected and works.  The songs and some files just get cut off
or encounter read errors.  Could this be a supermount problem or is it
something else?

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