KDE, Gnome 1.2 and any version of Debian?

KDE, Gnome 1.2 and any version of Debian?

Post by Jerome Mroza » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm wandering through distros and looking at Debian 2.2, which I believe
is potato.  I'd like to set up and use KDE and/or Gnome 1.2.  

1)  Will I have any trouble downloading and installing KDE stuff, such
as their 1.9x or eventual 2.0 series, into a Debian installation?  I'm
wondering if "non-free" politics will get in my way technically.

2)  The Helix Gnome site has an installer that wants me to use Debian
woody, which is apparently beyond potato, which itself hasn't been fully
officially released.  Will I get Gnome 1.2 on potato?  And if I don't,
will I have any problem getting Gnome 1.2 for Debian?

Some of you may snicker at me (ok,  snicker now...times up) but I'm used
to CD installs for my currently non-internet-connected laptop and
(sometimes) desktop.  I've an ISDN connection (external 3Com Impact IQ)
and haven't yet figured out how to connect it (where is an ISDN HOWTO?).
But mostly I'm a Java developer wanting some MS-Windows freedom and
pretty early in my experiences.


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