Very frustrating "cant unmount properly" question??????

Very frustrating "cant unmount properly" question??????

Post by Michael Byr » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I've just got my COL 2.3 box up and running as I want it to be.
Everything is on 1 large partition /dev/hdb1 with a swap partition
also.  Everything is working fine.  Had to recompile kernel to get my
sblive to work, & have upgraded successfully to kde 1.1.2 also.

I am having a problem shutting down though.  When I try to shut down
(using the kdm shutdown button) I get a message

unmounting filesystems....
unmount /: device is busy
unmount : / is busy
mount : / is busy
system Halted

When I go to start up next time I get a message to say that "/dev/hdb1
was not unmounted properly, check forced". e2fsck then runs for about
5 minutes before reporting something about non-contiguous files and
boot continues as normal.  This is getting to be a nuisance as booting
takes 5-10 minutes and I am uneasy about this happening each time.

I have searched deja for answers on this and have tried all the usual
solutions ie exiting kdm to commmand prompt and manually trying
"shutdown -h now", various "sync" commands, "halt" etc but it keeps
happening.  I have also tried the Caldera Knowledge Base to no avail.

Anyone got any solutions?