Slackware 3.0 probs 'xsetroot'

Slackware 3.0 probs 'xsetroot'

Post by Paul M Sarge » Sat, 07 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Now Heres a wierd one.

I've just upgraded to Slackware 3.0. About time I changed over to ELF, nice.

Backup everything...
Start Slackware disks...
reformat drive...
restore root & home...
reconfig X and other stuff...
lets go...


I run up X-windows (runx, startx) everything seems to work fine until I
want to change VC. ALT-^F? switches back to text mode, but things are
completely dead (blank screen).

So I try to change back, No way.
OK, three finger salute? (yes, it is hooked), still dead...
Looks now way out so I hit the big button and reboot that way.

try it again, but this time just exiting from X normally. Oh dear looks
dead again, but I can change VC and then when I change back X decides it
can finally shut down. The final message given is 'X server slow to shut

I've finally traced this down to xsetroot being run in my system xinitrc.
How can such a minor program cause such problems?!

Any Ideas??? btw I'm using XFree86 3.1.2 with the W32 server.




Brunel University, London U.K.


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