Linux Redhat 7.1 on Dell Inspiron 8000

Linux Redhat 7.1 on Dell Inspiron 8000

Post by Punch Drun » Sat, 25 Aug 2001 02:43:17

Hello everyone,

I'm what you might call a Linux convert, I've been in the industry
since '82. I've worked on Novell, NT, and am currently a MSCE 2000. So
here's my question... I've just recently bought a Dell Inspiron 8000
(Win ME of course) but have since d/l'd Redhat 7.1. I've got plenty of
books for Linux, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get
the X Window System to function properly. I've been to a few web sites
that tell you how to do it. Well guess what, it seems I'm a
"Pre-Newbie" to this whole OS. How can I do ANYTHING? I know where the
files are located on the web, I've already configured my LAN settings.
All I really would need help with is the commands to get this file
directly downloaded into my laptop, and configured. If there's anyone
out there that could possibly help me with this, it would be greatly
appreciated if not rewarded in some way.

Thank you...


Linux Redhat 7.1 on Dell Inspiron 8000

Post by Pat Jone » Sat, 25 Aug 2001 04:11:59

        It just so happens that I installed RedHat 7.1 on my I8000 about
two weeks ago. It turns out that you have to do a few very specific, but
simple things to get X to work properly. Before you do anything else, if
you haven't already, go to the website

where there are a few very good links to setting up Linux on your notebook
machine. What I have below is basically suggestions from a few of these
sites melded together.

        To start, when you install, you should skip the configuration for
X. It won't work if you try to configure during the installation, period.
I learned that from experience.

        So what you can do is the following. Make sure you have


from the second RedHat disc. It should have installed during
installation but just make sure. Then, if you have access to another
computer, go to the NVIDIA linux driver web site and get two tar files-


and put them onto, say, a floppy disk.

        Now, with your floppy disk mounted on the I8000, execute the
following commands, in this order

        tar xvzf NVIDIA_kernel.tar.gz
        tar xvzf NVIDIA_GLX.tar.gz
        cd NVIDIA_kernel
        make install
        cd ../NVIDIA_GLX
        make install

and the drivers should now be installed. Also, make sure that what you got
are version 1.0-1251 (i.e. NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-1251, etc) because I also found
that to make a difference! In the FTP directory, you'll see a folder
labelled 1.0-1251.....

        Second, go to your XF86Config file and change

        Driver "nv"

        Driver "nvidia"

while in the module section you want

        Load "glx"

Also remove

        Load "dri"
        Load "GLcore"

if they are there.

        Finally, in the file /etc/modules.conf ADD the line

        options NVdriver NVreg_Mobile=1

to the end of the file. Without this, X won't work.

        And that's it! The README associated with these files is VERY
useful and I'd suggest you have a look at that as well.....

        So, reboot if you like, and when at the command prompt, just type
startx and it should work. If you don't like, say, the resolution, you can
edit it in your XF86Config file, as well as many other parameters. Let me
know if this all worked! Good luck.....


Patrick Jones
422 Rowland Hall
Earth System Science Department
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697

(949) 824-8043


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