X windows and LN -s

X windows and LN -s

Post by ian swa » Tue, 09 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hi there I have a problem installing X windows I have all the archives
installed and configerd the Xconfig file and all the need now is to
make the X link point to XF86_SVGA and the system will not make the

Can some one help out here??.. I am new to Linux so. bear with with!

See ya


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A few questions about ln...

A) Is ln atomic?
B) Is ln -s atomic within a filesystem?
c) Is ln -s atomic between filesystems?

My guesses are that (A) is yes, but (B) and (C) are no.  The man pages
say nothing about it.


J. Eric Fosler
CETS Systems Programmer
University of Pennsylvania

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