Upgrade tar.gz files Q - help????????

Upgrade tar.gz files Q - help????????

Post by Mari » Wed, 21 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I instaled gnome on my RH 5.2 in tar.gz files. I wont to upgrade it now so I
wont to now how to do thet. Do I need to deinstall old files and how to do
that or just to install new over old like firs time instalation?

Bojkotiraj HiNet!
Marin :o)


1. help copying large .tar and .tar.gz files

not sure if this is quite the correct forum, but it's fairly close and
i've gotten some real good help so far here :)

i have an old x486 desktop, and an even older x486 laptop, both
running linux.  the laptop's hard drive is making spooky noises, so
i've backed up lotsa files into a few .tar.gz files.  i would like to
copy those files over to my 'new' computer.

1.)  if i put several .tar.gz files into directory 'bkup', does it
make sense to 'tar -czf bkup.tar.gz' or maybe 'tar -cf bkup.tar' ?

2.)  how do i 'cp' a 16+ megabyte .tar or .tar.gz file onto floppies?

i was thinking of using two floppies.  turn on both machines, and just
rotate them around. copy part of the .tar file onto floppy 'a', then
put floppy 'a' into the second machine, while floppy 'b' gets more
files, if that makes sense. or maybe just use one floppy, that might
be less confusing.

any ideas?  can i use a serial cable somehow?

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