ASUS SP3G + SCSI HardDrive, how to install the kernel?

ASUS SP3G + SCSI HardDrive, how to install the kernel?

Post by Bernice Leu » Thu, 02 Mar 1995 12:33:19

All Linuxers out there,
        I'm trying to install Slackware 2.0.1, with a 1.1.18 kernel
I believe.  My box is an ASUS SP3G motherboard with on-board
NCR 53C810 SCSI controller.  My HD is SCSI CORE (Conner OEM) 1.0 GB
I made boot disk and root disk without any problem, and was able
to run the "setup" program.  However as part of setup I've to
specify which kernel image to install, and I only got two choices:
IDE or SCSI+IDE.  I tried both, which didn't work and I've
expected that.  The error being, when I reboot my machine Linux
it fails to find my SCSI host and so result in "kernel panic: can't
find VFS".  I think I understand the error message.
        Question is, given I have the "ncr" boot image on
my slackware disk, how can I install them to become the
zImage of the system??  I have think of hacking the "setup"
script myself, but proved to be too time-consuming.  So...
        There must be a lot of on-board SCSI + Slackware
installation out there, and someone must have experience
this before.  Can someone kindly guide me through this??
Thanks a lot!


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Hello there,

I am going to buy the following configuration:

 - ASUS SP3G mainboard,
 - Intel DX 2/66 CPU
 - SPEA Mercury P64 2MB
 - Quantum Lightning 730 MB SCSI harddrive
 - 16 MB RAM (Panasonic)

additional components would be:
 - PAS Studio 16 soundcard

Is someone out there running this configuration with Linux and XFree 2.1 /3.1?

Any hints, trouble- or problem-reports are welcome...

Thank you
- wolfgang

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