Distorted display with S3 Virge

Distorted display with S3 Virge

Post by jwe.. » Thu, 04 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have installed Linux onto a NEC Powermate with an onboard S3 Virge
video card/ driver.  Setup correctly detects the S3 and loads the SVGA
driver.  However, after selecting a generic monitor ( I have a Sony
17sf which is not in the drop down menu), the display is extremely
distorted once I execute "startx"...Has anyone run into this problem
with the onboard video card and/or this particular video card.

1. Distorted Disply w/ S3 Virge

I am a NEWBIE that just recently install RedHat 5.2.  During the
install, my S3 Virge video card was correctly detected.  I then
selected Generic Multisync for my monitor since my Sony 17sf was not
included in the drop down menu of options.  Once the config process
began, my display became extremely distorted.  Prior to this part of
setup, my color display was OK.

The S3 Virge is an "onboard" card installed on a NEC Powermate.

I have tried several monitor options without success and have repeated
the install from CD several times.  Each time, I deleted all
partitions on the disk (4GB) prior to starting another install.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I am doing wrong or if there are
known problems with the S3 Virge video card.  One suggestion has been
that since the card is  "onboard" , that there is the possibility of
NEC created some proprietary drivers.

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