HELP! Hylafax "localhost: host not found" DUMMY??

HELP! Hylafax "localhost: host not found" DUMMY??

Post by Wolfgang Brunge » Wed, 08 Jan 1997 04:00:00


Quote:> I have been going NUTS trying to get hylafax to give me something other
> than a localhost: unknown host error when I tried to send something.  This
> afternoon I finally spent a couple of hours on the hylafax website in the
> "troubleshooting" section, and came across some suggestions about
> corrupted FILO files and whatnot that I tried... and what do you know...
> they worked!  (Bad news next.)

which Version of Hylafax you are using ???

I installed Version 3.0 under RedHat 4.0 and it works ok. A few Weeks ago
i tried the 4.0 Version of Hylafax and i run into the same problems, you

So, i will stay with the 3.0 Version of Hylafax.
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I just installed hylafax tonight.  (Latest version, 4.0pl1 or something
like that.)

I faxsetup claims that I do have a faxq running, but when I try to get
fastat to tell me how it's doing, I get a "localhost" unknown host

localhost), but once I started getting that message, I rebooted and have
also changed my /var/spool/fax/etc/hosts file to list

Any clues?


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