MS-DOS Kermit/DOS-Emu

MS-DOS Kermit/DOS-Emu

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1) MS-DOS Kermit requires direct access to COM ports.

2) LINUX DOS-Emu does not allow direct access to PC COM ports.

3) Therefore, MS-DOS Kermit cannot funtion in the LINUX DOS-Emu

Is there any disagreement with this conclusion?
I've tried several variations of device file settings for DOS-Emu that
look like they might have anything to do with the COM port in question,
and always MS-DOS Kermit 3.14 locks up, apparently never getting
into running the initialization command files.
(This is with S.u.S.E. distribution, 2.0.28 Kernel as I recall,
16550A UARTs, MS-DOS Kermit running OK under OS/2 WARP DOS emulation,
VDMs, DR DOS 5.0, MS-DOS 5.0, Caldera Open DOS 7.01, anything else anyone
needs to know?)

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