Problems using FTAPE

Problems using FTAPE

Post by John Lell » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 01:30:02

: I am running Slackware Pro 2.0. I recently installed a Colorado Jumbo 250
: tape drive using the existing floppy controller.
: Now, for my problem with a little background info:

:       1. I recompiled my kernel (v1.1.18) to include support for QIC-117
:            tape.
:       2. I booted from sbpcd boot disk/umsdos144 root disk, ran setup and
:            installed the ftape18 package.
:       3. I re-booted normally and tried to tar to /dev/ftape and nothing
:            happened. The modutils are installed (insmod, etc).

: Why doesn't my tape drive work in Linux? (BTW, I DID read the FTAPE howto).
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Did you add an insmod of ftape.o to your rc.local (or elsewhere) so that the
driver would reload when you rebooted?

Did you mknod all the ftape devices (/dev/ftape, /dev/nftape, etc.)?

What kind of console messages do you get when you try to use it?


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Problems using FTAPE

Post by Rhett Ka » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 18:42:49

I had a similar problem with my IOmega tape 250.  After carefully re-
reading all of the documentation, I found a clause that said I had to
be using a newer kernel (I had the same one as you), or run some
questionable patches.  The new kernel in Linux 2.0.1 is supposed to
support it (kernel v1.1.59), but I haven't tried it yet.


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   I just installed Linux 2.0.0 on my machine; upgrading from a
previous version.  Before I installed the new version, I tar'd
the old version out to tape.  I installed a new kernel that
had ftape support, and have verified that I also installed the
ftape package.  

   When I try to see what's on the tape, using:

      tar tvf /dev/ftape

I see the msg "Can't open /dev/ftape  No such device".  I checked the
/dev directory, and ftape is set up as a link to /dev/rft0, which is
set up as a char mode device.  The permissions for /dev/rft0 are set
at crw-r-----.  Any thoughts on what could be causing this msg?

   I looked at the man pages for tar and mt, as well as the FAQ and
HOWTO for ftape, but saw nothing that looked similar to this.  I'm
guessing this is a general unix issue, which, being a newbie, has me

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