RH5.2 boot failure (mid-install)

RH5.2 boot failure (mid-install)

Post by dc » Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Went to put RH5.2 on a P90 w/70MB ram and 800MB hd that had been a
win95 machine... the cd wasn't working right, so I went via ftp to
my windowsNT4 workstation where i had the redhat cd in the drive.  
The install was going fine including repartitioning
(70MB swap, 128MB root, 200-300 each /usr and /home)
until it had problems reading the rpms off the ftp'd cd... evidently
windowsNT only saw 8.3 filenames on the redhat dist cd, and the
appeared as such through the MS ftp server i'm running too.

Anyway I went to resolve this by  starting the install over again
using one of the redhat mirrors on the net, but now I'm getting a "boot
failed" message from the bootdisk.  It isn't the floppy... I tried
to another one and got the same message.  I can get a shell by
running the rescue disk but don't know what to do to fix this up right.
It seems like an fdisk or two would wipe up anything that got
to the filesystems, but the boot failure seems to stem from some sort of
error encountered when loading the kernal image off the bootdisk.

Geez, a guys get a bit*y after a few successful installs and
like this happens...  I suspect there was a better way to recover from
rpm filename fiasco than rebooting, but what did I know at the time.

Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




1. RH5 Install Boot Loader Failure

I've been trying for a few weeks to install Red Hat 5.0 for a test
server (to escape the evils of Micro$loth), but the install keeps
failing on installing the Boot Loader (gives just a general error with
no description or error codes).

I'm trying to set this Linux system up dedicated and not dual boot
DOS/Windoze/NT or anything like that.

My test system is a 486-66 with 12megs RAM and 1.5gig IDE hard disk
(I've also tried a little 250meg IDE drive and an AMD 586-100 with
20megs RAM).

I downloaded two Red Hat 5.0 installs from:
and they both act the same way.

Since I can't get RH5 to see my CDROM, I just made a 350meg DOS
partition on the 1.5gig at the end of the drive and copied the files
over on a Windoze95 system.

Installing the system goes totally fine and normal from beginning to
the Boot Loader Install menu (and I might add, it installs pretty
quick directly from a hard disk :).  I thought this might be a disk
partitioning problem, so I have used both Disk Druid and fdisk...both
yeilding the same results.  I have also changed around partition sizes
wondering if I'm running into that darnded BIOS 1024 limit...still no
go.  I've installed from the DOS partition on the 1.5gig to the 250meg
disk...no go.  I've installed in normal mode and expert mode...still
no go.   I've installed on 2 different systems...no go.   I've read
through many FAQs and haven't found anything useful on my problem...

Does anyone know how to fix this???  or maybe point me to a FAQ that I

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