epson stylus color 300

epson stylus color 300

Post by Michael J Van Der Gul » Mon, 10 Aug 1998 04:00:00

My epson stylus color 300 worked fine under windows until I uninstalled
windows ;).
Using gs3.33 or gs5.10 under Redhat linux 4.3 I have never managed to get
colour out of it. 360 dpi is black, but appears to be made with mixed colours
and 180dpi is a bluish black and not very clear. I use the stcolor driver
after recompiling ghostscript (gs is a * to configure and compile!!).
Mail me if you know anything *anything* about gs and epson 300's.

Also, tech info on the stylus 300's would be appreciated. If there is no help
I *might* attempt at my own driver. (Give or take a decade ;).


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Out of interest, does anyone know if there is a ghostscript driver for
the Epson Stylus Colour 300? I personally doubt it, but you never do

I'm not too worried, mind. I've got an old dot-matrix which is much
cheaper to feed anyway. That one definitely isn't a winprinter.
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