Xconfigurator vs. RH Install - Screen Res Change

Xconfigurator vs. RH Install - Screen Res Change

Post by Ed S » Fri, 09 Nov 2001 07:57:47

Hi All,

I installed RH Linux 7.2 the other day and in the setup, set the
resolution to 1280x1024 with 24 bit color.  I was having some problems
with that (streaking across the screen) so I went into Xconfigurator
and changed the resolution to 800x600 (can't remember color depth.)

In Xconfigurator, it didn't give me the option of selecting 1280x1024.
In fact there were far fewer choices than were given to me during the
install process.

Q: How can I get back to the portion of the setup where I select
resolution without reinstalling RH?

ATI Rage IIc (kind of a shitty card)
Nokia 445Xpro (capable of insane refresh and resolutions)

Thanks in advance.



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I've just installed RH7.1 on an inexpensive box, which acheives
it's low expense by integrating many services onto the motherboard,
including audio, modem, ethernet, and (the problem here) video.

The install went smoothly enough; but I had to tell it not to bother
to "check the X configuration", because whenever it tried, the screen
locked up.  So I completed the installation and studied the video
problem later.

I find that Xconfigurator correctly recognizes the video type,
and installs the correct module.  And it will emit a working
XF86Config file... but only if <8-bit depth, or <=1024x768 resolution
is specified.

I want truecolor, at least 16 bits.  But I also want at least 1280x1024
resolution.  1600x1200 prefered.  There's plenty of memory devoted
to the video buffer: BIOS and Xconfigurator both agree that there's
16 mb available.  But it always causes the screen to lock up.
Totally black appearance.

Any thoughts?

"He's not just a Galaxy Ranger... he's a Super-Trooper!"

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