linux ppp slow rh6.1 & netscape stall

linux ppp slow rh6.1 & netscape stall

Post by Peter Reine » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Apparently the fix for this is to use the "novj" option for pppd. This
is done in kde using the "setop"
menu in the Kppp dialer, then "pppd arguments".
Seems to fix the problem on my machine, but can't be entirely sure, due
the the unpredictable-intermittent
nature of the problem. See man page for pppd for what you're actually
doing here.

Peter Reiner


1. PPP Slows to crawl - Netscape stalls - Ideas?

I have linux kernel 1.2.1, pppd 2.1.2 (from slakware) running
on a 486 system with a 28.8 modemblaster on /dev/ttyS1.  When
I first connect to my ISP, the speed for ftp, telnet, etc. seems to be
ok, but then slowly (within a minutes time) the connection speeds
go bad.  Finally, netscape shows nothing being transferred and
says (stalled) at the bottom.  The strange thing is, ping still
responds with an OK time, but lost a lot of packets.  

I ran netstat -i while this was happening and saw that the RX-ERR column
lost a LOT of packets.  I first set the modem speed to 38400, but I
bumped it down to 19200.  This did not help.  Any ideas, anyone?



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